growling-dogs“I’m afraid my dog is going to…”

Bark, growl, lunge, or snap at another person or dog again. Bite someone. Bite one of us. Bite another dog. Embarrass me in front of my neighbors or friends. Cause a complaint or lawsuit.

Aggressive behavior is scary, stressful, and embarrassing. I can help it stop. 

I offer multiple programs to address serious behavior issues. I can teach you how to work with your dog, or I can train your dog for you. Either way, my aim is to take the stress out of dog ownership and put the joy back in.

What Is Aggression, and Why Does It Happen?

Simply put, aggression is fear. It seems counter-intuitive—all that barking and growling and lunging and biting looks pretty angry. But in most cases, these aggressive displays are designed to frighten scary things away. Dogs learn that barking and lunging makes people and dogs step away from them.

Sometimes fear of dogs or people is caused by a bad past experience. More often, these fear-based behaviors are born of under-socialization. Dogs who grew up without adequate exposure to a wide variety of dogs and people and experiences while they were puppies are prime candidates to develop fear-based aggressive behaviors as adult dogs, as they lack the ability to easily integrate new things into their world.

Fortunately, training can help. Using scientifically sound, gentle, force-free training methods, I systematically help your dog change her world view. If she’s no longer afraid of people and dogs, she’ll no longer have reason to bark at or bite them.

IMG_4597Imagine Your Dog:

  • Looking to you for direction when she sees a dog or person
  • Calmly passing other dogs and people on the street
  • Simply ignoring new people—or even saying hello
  • Making new dog friends
  • Allowing company through the door without a ruckus
  • Enjoying being touched and petted
  • No longer minding activity around her food bowl
  • Able to share her toys and prized possessions

Choose Your Aggression Training Program

Aggression Towards Dogs

For barking, lunging, growling, or otherwise inappropriate behavior toward dogs, while on or off leash.

We’ll meet once each week at your home. I’ll show you how to change your dog’s emotional response toward other dogs, and how to teach him new ways of responding when he sees or meets them.

90-minute Initial Consult: $185
Training Sessions: $130

Post-Training Polish
Once we’re through your training plan and have made good headway, you and your dog will be invited to join my Dog-Dog Support Group. This wonderful team of advanced clients and their dogs meet to work together under my continued supervision. It’s a great way to maintain results, push progress, and get support.

Aggression Towards People

For barking, lunging, growling, or otherwise inappropriate behavior toward strangers, house guests, or family members.

We’ll meet once each week at your home. I’ll show you how to change your dog’s emotional response to the people he fears, and how to teach him new ways of responding when he encounters them.

90-minute Initial Consult: $185
Training Sessions: $130

Ready for some peace of mind?

Email or call 408.390.1431. I’d love to work together.

Meet Your Dog Trainers

lauren-and-sportyLauren Flato, VMD, CPDT-KA
Lauren Flato takes aggression work seriously. That’s why she’s a board-certified veterinarian and a certified dog trainer. She brings the full force of her professional credentials to bear on behavior modification cases in order to bring the best possible relief to her clients.

Read more about Lauren and her credentials

Sporty, Labrador Retriever, Training Assistant Extraordinaire
Sporty is an integral part of Lauren’s dog-dog aggression protocols. As laid back as a dog can be, Sporty helps teach other dogs that making new dog friends can actually be kind of cool.

“A serious miracle!!”

“This is a serious miracle!! I should have done this years ago. Our dog is 8 ½. I never thought we could change her behavior. Now our dog can go more places with us and have more fun.”

—Julie Clinton
“Working with Lauren made such a difference”

“Working with Lauren has made such a difference in our day-to-day lives. Walking our dog Lilly became much easier even after our first session. We no longer worry about Lilly barking. Yesterday, she saw one of her ‘arch nemeses.’ She was so cute and turned to us for her treat while the other dog was still going wild.”

—Marilyn Francesco
Aggression in This Modern Life

An aggressive dog is stressful in any context. And in the fast-paced, population-dense world we live in, it’s just too dangerous to go untreated. I help dogs learn to function calmly around other dogs and people in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Willow Glen, Redwood City, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, West San Jose, Lots Gatos, Saratoga, and Los Altos.