Babies, Kids, & Dogs

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Starting a new family is a busy, exciting, joyful, and sometimes stressful time. Better that it not be further complicated by a dog who is having trouble adjusting to the change.

Let me help take the worry out of raising dogs and kids together

I offer several programs to help make life during this busy time a little easier.

Why Dogs & Kids Don’t Always Get Along

The arrival of a baby and the moment a baby becomes mobile are challenging reality shifts for most dogs, particularly if they’ve not had previous experience with small humans. Everything changes—smells, sounds, routines, the amount of attention and exercise they get. Babies can be startling, what with the sudden wailing and flailing they do. And toddlers even more so—they move unpredictably, throw things for no apparent reason, and love to grab everything in those surprisingly strong little hands, including tails and ears and handfuls of fur. Yikes.

A dog who hasn’t grown up as a puppy around babies and toddlers can have a very rough time adjusting to all this new reality. This stress can lead to unwanted defensive behavior like growling, snarling, and snapping.

baby-and-puppiesImagine Your Dog:

  • Learning to sit to say hi to mommy and baby
  • Lying down calmly while you feed and change baby
  • Walking nicely next to your stroller
  • Leaving the (ahem) “treats” in the hamper alone
  • Sleeping through your baby’s crying
  • Ignoring your toddler’s tantrums
  • Happily enjoying the presence of your toddler or child

Imagine Your Toddler or Young Child:

  • Learning polite, safe ways to say hi to your dog
  • Playing safe, appropriate games with your dog
  • Feeling safe around your dog
  • Participating in your dog’s training

Choose Your Babies, Kids, & Dogs Training Program

Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers Talks

These lively group presentations are designed to help expecting and new parents better face the challenges of raising kids and dogs together. I cover the basics of dog behavior, what to expect from your dog when you’re expecting or when your baby begins to walk, and simple training tips to help your dog handle your family’s expansion with grace.


Please feel free to contact Lauren to set up one for you and your friends!

Expecting Parents

There’s already a lot to do to get ready for baby, but training your dog now will be easier than when baby arrives—and will make baby’s arrival smoother for the whole household, too. We’ll work on introducing your dog to some of the new sounds and smells baby will bring, get him walking like a pro next to the stroller, teach him to go to his bed for a nap while you sit in your nursing chair, and address any serious behavior issues that may be a concern.

90-minute to 2-hour Initial Consult: $200
Training Sessions: $135

Baby & Dog

If baby is already here and Fido isn’t quite handling it as well as you’d hoped, we’ll get things smoothed out. Whether you’re experiencing impulse control issues like pulling, jumping, or pawing at you or the baby, or more serious ones like fear or aggression, I can help.

90-minute to 2-hour Initial Consult: $200
Training Sessions: $135

Toddler & Dog

If your dog is beginning to show fearful or inappropriate behavior now that your little one is on her feet, it’s time to address these issues before they grow worse. Let me help your dog and child grow up peacefully together.

90-minute to 2-hour Initial Consult: $200
Training Sessions: $135

Ready for some peace of mind?

Email or call 408.390.1431. I’d love to work together.

Meet Your Dog Trainer

lauren-and-sportyLauren Flato, VMD, CPDT-KA, is a licensed Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers presenter—and a mom. She recognizes there are few times in life when dog training can bring more relief than when raising a young family.

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Training Dogs For Family Success

I work with families located throughout Silicon Valley. I can travel to your home in Campbell, Redwood City, Willow Glen, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Menlo Park, West San Jose, Mountain View, or Palo Alto.