Client Reviews

I’m grateful when clients let me know I’ve done what I set out to do—help them and their dogs better enjoy life together.

“Taught us some valuable tools”

“You really helped us to integrate Lexi into our life and taught us some valuable tools to shape her behavior. Vivek and I really enjoyed working with you. We are hoping to work with you on any specific issues in the future.”

—Chandrakala Kai
“A serious miracle!!”

“This is a serious miracle!! I should have done this years ago. Our dog is 8 ½. I never thought we could change her behavior. Now our dog can go more places with us and have more fun.”

—Julie Clinton
“My dog goes everywhere with me”

"Lauren Flato is an incredible dog trainer. She is patient, kind, and the dogs look forward to her coming. My dog goes everywhere with me, and listens to the commands that Lauren has taught me. I think any dog would be better for having Lauren train her."

—Linda S.
“Really helpful”

“Lauren was really helpful to me, a first time dog owner, when I got my two puppies!”

—Jessica S.
“All the difference in the world”

“I highly recommend Sit Stay Wag and trainer Lauren Flato. It makes all the difference in the world to have a well-behaved dog. I can honestly say if you want your dog to be a loving, well-behaved dog, Lauren can help you.”

—June R.
“He is walking so well!!”
—Savi S.
“Made all the difference!”

“Boy, that first puppy prep session made all the difference!”

—Johanna A.
“It's a lot more relaxed and less stressed around here!”

“The dogs are all doing great. The training is working quite well. It's a lot more relaxed and less stressed around here!”

—Jennifer Hernandez
“Very knowledgeable…involved in her field…cares about the animals”

“Dr. Flato is very knowledgeable, thorough, and straightforward in explaining her rationale behind different training techniques, which are based on positive reinforcement. She is involved with her field and professional community and cares about the well-being of animals. I highly recommend her.”

—Clara D.
“An absolutely wonderful trainer for both people and pets!”

“Lauren is an absolutely wonderful trainer - for both people and pets! She has coached us through several challenging situations and we are all happier for it. Lauren is the BEST! Plus, she comes to your house and works where you and your dog will be most comfortable. Does it get better than that?”

—Sarah M.
“Working with Lauren made such a difference”

“Working with Lauren has made such a difference in our day-to-day lives. Walking our dog Lilly became much easier even after our first session. We no longer worry about Lilly barking. Yesterday, she saw one of her ‘arch nemeses.’ She was so cute and turned to us for her treat while the other dog was still going wild.”

—Marilyn Francesco
“My pup has made great progress thanks to Lauren”

“Lauren has been training my Miniature Schnauzer puppy for several months. She has formed great rapport with my puppy who is sometimes slow to warm up to people. My pup has made great progress thanks to her. I highly recommend her services!”

—Ana D.