Puppy Training

cute-pup“My puppy is adorable, but…”

But she’s peeing all over. Riddling your hands and arms and clothing with holes from her needle-like puppy teeth. Chewing things that don’t belong to her. Whining and crying when left alone. In short, being a puppy.

Let me help you with the less adorable parts of puppyhood

I offer several puppy training programs aimed at making the puppy months much less harried and frustrating. I’ll help you enjoy your puppy now, while building a wonderful adult dog to enjoy for years to come.

Puppy Training Is The Best Dog Training

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere is that more true than puppy training. The time and effort you put into training your puppy will not just bring you relief today—it will pay you back over the lifetime of your dog. Yes, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. But what’s more challenging is undoing bad habits and behavior issues born during puppyhood and adolescence. So let’s get training—for today and tomorrow.

gorgeous-pup1Let Me Help Teach Your Puppy…

  • Beginning basic manners like sit, down, come, and walking nicely on leash
  • Good house manners like go to your bed and settle down
  • Proper housetraining, including where to pee—and where not to
  • Which toys are hers to chew on, and which aren’t
  • That her little teeth are quite sharp
  • To enjoy being left on her own
  • To be laid back in the face of busy Silicon Valley life

Choose Your Puppy Program

Puppy Prep

You’ll have your bundle of joy for 12-15 years. Let me help you choose the perfect dog for your family—one that’s the right energy level and temperament for your family activities—and get you ready for her arrival.

60-minute Puppy Prep Consult: $110

New Puppy

You’ve got a new puppy! It’s an exciting time, but a stressful and nervous one, too. I’ll help you get off on the right (ahem) paw together, including housetraining instructions, alone time area and training, simple problem prevention protocols, and teaching sit—the foundation of all basic manners.

90-minute to 2-hour New Puppy Consult: $175

Puppy Training

You’ve got your housetraining and basic problem prevention work underway, now let’s get your puppy working on her adult manners. It’s never too early to start learning the rules of polite society! Choose from sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, drop, settle, wait, and walk nicely on leash. Or purchase the full package and let’s do it all.

1-hour Puppy Training Session: $125
6-hour Puppy Training Package: $675

Ready for puppy relief?

Email lauren@sitstaywag.com or call 408.390.1431. I’d love to work together.

Meet Your Puppy Trainers

lauren-and-sportyLauren Flato, VMD, CPDT-KA
As a trainer who specializes in aggression and other serious behavior issues, Lauren loves to train puppies—because she knows that every puppy she trains now is a dog she’s far less likely to see as an adult.

Read more about Lauren

Sporty, Labrador Retriever, Training Assistant Extraordinaire
Sporty relishes his puppy training work. The perfect adult dog—laid back and easy going, with impeccable dog-dog manners—Sporty helps puppies learn the ins and outs of appropriate intra-species communication.

“Made all the difference!”

“Boy, that first puppy prep session made all the difference!”

—Johanna A.
“My pup has made great progress thanks to Lauren”

“Lauren has been training my Miniature Schnauzer puppy for several months. She has formed great rapport with my puppy who is sometimes slow to warm up to people. My pup has made great progress thanks to her. I highly recommend her services!”

—Ana D.
Puppy Training For Today’s Busy World

Let me help prepare your puppy for life in Silicon Valley. We’ll make sure your puppy is ready for everything from busy streets to backyard barbeques, from dinner guests to kids’ sleepovers. My puppy training programs are available in Willow Glen, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, West San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, and Redwood City.